Emergency Room Card

For peace of mind, print our Emergency Room Protocol card, and carry it with you to assure prompt and appropriate emergency room care.  We suggest you laminate it. Parents may consider giving it to a child’s caregiver.

The Emergency Room Protocol Card can literally be a life-saver in emergency situations where severe chronic neutropenia is seldom understood. This card is of special value to travelers and college students.

In the words of a parent who received an ER card at the Family Conference, “Now that I have the card, we get taken more seriously and my son gets the treatment he needs without delay.”

If you found this card useful,and it’s possible for you to make a donation to the NNN, please consider clicking on the donate box and making a contribution. It need not be large to be valued and put to good use. We rely on the individuals and family members whose lives have been impacted by neutropenia to fund our organization.